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Alexis St. Martin, the 28-year-old Canadian voyageur of the American Fur Company, got wounded in the stomach when a shotgun loaded for hunting ducks went off accidentally. The muzzle was not more than a yard away.

The Curious Case of Alexis St Martin (June 6, 1822) YouTube

Alexis St. Martin's Gastric Fistula (Source: Gastric Juice and The Psychology of Digestion) Dr. Beaumont was very relieved to see the wound healing and leaving an opening as this gave him a chance to analyze Martin's digestive system. At the time not much was known about the digestive system. Even if the wound was mostly healed, Martin was.

Alexis St. Martin, el hombre con un agujero en el cuerpo que le permitió a los científicos

The fort became the refuge for a wounded 19-year-old French-Canadian fur trader named Alexis St. Martin when a shotgun went off by accident in the American Fur Company store at close range June 6th, 1822. St. Martin's wound was quite serious because his stomach was perforated and several ribs were broken.

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On the morning of June 6, 1822, a young French Canadian man, standing in the American Fur Company store on Mackinac Island in what is now Michigan, fell victim to a grisly accident. Alexis St. Martin was in his 20s and strong, about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, with dark hair and dark eyes.

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Portrait of Alexis St. Martin, aged 81. Source: Wellcome Collection gallery Having lost his employment with the American Fur Company due to his disability, and now penniless, St. Martin was in serious danger of being sent back to his native Quebec, a 2,500-km journey by boat.

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Alexis St. Martin didn't die-but his life was irrevocably changed. On this day, 195 years ago, St. Martin was accidentally shot at Fort Mackinac, Michigan. And he never fully healed.

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When the smoke cleared, Alexis St. Martin, a young French Canadian voyageur, lay bleeding on the floor. Although the exact cause of the accident has been lost to history, the immediate results were abundantly clear: St. Martin was grievously wounded, with a large hole blasted into the left side of his abdomen and the interior of his stomach.

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An impoverished French Canadian trapper, St. Martin worked for the American Fur Company until he was accidentally shot. As Mary Roach, the author of Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, told.

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When he got there, Beaumont found Canadian man, Alexis St. Martin - who had a notorious reputation for drinking too much and causing trouble - severely wounded from the blast. The gunshot struck his chest and abdomen, leaving a large hole in his midsection.

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Alexis Bidagan dit St-Martin (April 8, 1802 [a] - June 24, 1880) was a Canadian voyageur who is known for his part in experiments on digestion in humans, conducted on him by the American Army physician William Beaumont between 1822 and 1833. St-Martin was shot in a near-fatal accident in 1822.

Alexis St. Martin, el hombre con un agujero en el cuerpo que le permitió a los científicos

Alexis St. Martin Beaumont, an army doctor with only a few years of medical training as an apprentice, was an eager student of physiology. He began his experiments by pushing bits of food into.

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Beaumont was the only physician on the island in June 1822 when Alexis St. Martin, a 19-year-old French Canadian, was accidentally shot by a gun in the store of the American Fur Company. Beaumont's record of the event follows: I was called to him immediately after the accident.

The Curious Case of Alexis St Martin YouTube

William Beaumont (November 21, 1785 - April 25, 1853) was a surgeon in the U.S. Army who became known as the "Father of Gastric Physiology " for his research on human digestion on Alexis St. Martin. [1] [2] Early life William Beaumont and family

Alexis St. Martin, el hombre con un agujero en el cuerpo que le permitió a los científicos

St. Martin's left lung and stomach had prolapsed into the wound. The stomach had been perforated by a spicule of rib. Beaumont gave a fatal prognosis but nevertheless did everything possible to save his patient's life, dressing the wound on a daily basis.. Diagram of Alexis St. Martin's wound from Dr. Beaumont's book, Experiments and.

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subject, Alexis St. Martin, this article demonstrates how the "research ethics" of antebellum America were predicated on models of employment, servitude, and labor. The association between Beaumont and St. Martin drew from and was understood in terms of the ideas and practices of contract labor, informal domestic